This tavern is the result of the work of the entire team of "Mollerova Kushta", we all wanted to express our desire to work and develop into something big, spectacular and unique.

And we managed to create the "Molerite" tavern, which has a capacity of 200 seats in winter and twice as many in summer.

In the tavern, there is an orchestra which, in addition to typical Macedonian folklore, also performs acapella singing from Bansko.

Wine Cellar

It is the heart and soul of our sites, in it, our guests can taste wines from the most fertile Bulgarian vineyards, and see a collection gathered by generations so that today everyone can enjoy it and appreciate the wealth that is born on the Bulgarian lands.

The winery has a capacity of 30 - 35 places, it can host group tastings for tourists, and a corresponding folklore program accompanies the events.

We assure you that wine is like hospitality with us - it never ends!

Wine Bar

"Create your paradise with flowers and wine!"
Omar Khayyam

The moderate boutique complex is known for its rich wine cellar, selected wines and sommelier Malin Bistrin - the complex's owner.

In the wine bar, you can choose or let them offer you the best of over 300 types of wine from different varieties, countries, vintages and regions.

RESERVATIONS: +359 887 844 944